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  • Early Education Center

Early Education Center

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  • The Early Education Center offers educational opportunities for young children to explore and learn about themselves and their environment. Children will be able to participate in activities designed to promote their emotional, social and physical growth.

    We believe that every child is entitled to experiences and education appropriate to her/his individual needs. Therefore, we are continually striving to provide the environment and activities in which facilitate optimal growth and development of the whole child.

    Our center policies and practices support diversity among children, families, and staff. We encourage the acceptance of each person as an individual. The adults and children will help each other become aware of stereotypes and biases and work to eliminate them from relationships in our program.

    Each group of children will have a certified teacher plus at least one teacher aid. Our teachers are professionals with a college degree and specific training in early childhood. They are able to promote the acceptance of "self" and others, encourage problem solving, communication, and provide a caring, consistent role model for young children. The child's teacher will be the main contact for the parents. However the directors are also available to confer with parents.

    We also believe parents are an integral part of their child's program. Our goal is to have them involved in their child's activities, whenever possible. We encourage them to grow in their parenting skills through educational programs, interaction with professionals, and through sharing with other parents.

    The program seeks to work with other university departments, students, and the community to meet the needs of the children enrolled and their families. We value cooperation and collaboration as effective means to solving problems and we encourage adults and children to learn and practice these skills.