College of Business & Innovation Advisory Board

  • The College of Business & Innovation advisory board consists of current students and professional community leaders.

    Student Advisory Board

    The College of Business & Innovation seeks student advisory board membership each semester to provide a student perspective and voice to the dean of the college. Student input and feedback is essential to represent and advocate for students’ interests and concerns.

    • Gavin Doppler - Business Administration
    • Tom Dvorak - Operations Management
    • Sarah George - Business Administration with Management emphasis
    • Elise Johnson - Computer Science and Graphic Communications
    • Eric Krupke - Finance
    • Hannah Su Ann Lee - Project Management
    • Elly Lehn - Construction Management
    • Kristi Luing - Accounting
    • Douglas Mahoney - Operations Management
    • Paige Meyer- Computer Science and Mathematics
    • Aaron Monson - Construction Management
    • Netsai Ngongoni- Accounting
    • Kyle Ross - Computer Science/Computer Information Technology
    • Abby Tolifson - Accounting

    Professional Advisory Board

    A professional advisory board including professionals and community leaders, as well as distinguished alumni, are integral and indispensable to the College of Business & Innovation by providing strategic or programmatic advice, engaging vested members of our community, cultivating support and influence for college programs.