Center for Innovative Business Solutions

The MSUM College of Business and Innovation’s Center for Innovative Business Solutions (CIBS) connects teams of the very best students with regional businesses. Over the course of 16 weeks of collaboration, MSUM students (Dragon Consultants) apply their energies and talents to help solve cross-functional issues.

Students: Experience Learning by Doing

Apply the knowledge, skills and theories learned in the classroom, to find real business solutions.

  • Develop a valuable skill set by developing and improving professional skills
  • Receive professional coaching
  • Improve marketability and career placement potential
  • Earn 3 credit hours

Business Participants: Put the CIBS to Work for You

Work with a cross-functional team of MSUM’s best students to focus on your business issue.

  • Discover impactful business solutions
  • Gain fresh insights
  • Engage in a 16 week job interview of our brightest students
  • Become a role model to young, open-minded individuals