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  • Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center

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  • Academic Support Center (ASC)

    The ASC fosters student success and retention by providing a centralized location of resources for students, staff and faculty and integrated academic support services.


     MSUM Academic Advising Commitment 

    Established Fall 2013

    University Mission:Minnesota State University Moorhead is a caring community promising all students the opportunity to discover their passions, the rigor to develop intellectually and the versatility to shape a changing world.


    Advising Mission: Academic advising creates an educational environment with relationships that support students in discovering their passions and facilitates student’s understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education and promotes intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning.

    Academic advising is at the center of MSUM’s caring community and is one vehicle used to help us “Fulfill our Promise” to our students.  Advising at MSUM creates an educational environment that facilitates a teaching and learning relationship between advisor and advisee.  Our proactive advising approach guides students as they discover their passions, develop intellectually and determine their contribution to our ever changing world. 

    Fulfilling Our Promise

    • The promise of our university to continue to evolve in ways that meet the needs of the state and our region;  
    • The promise of the education we provide to improve the lives of our students, their families, and their communities; and 
    • The promise that resides within each of our students that, when tapped, allows them to become the best possible versions of themselves 

    Our Promise  

    At Minnesota State University Moorhead, we will be

    • A leader in student success
    • A campus that reflects the world in which our graduates will live and work
    • A university that provides an education of  lifelong relevance
    • A place of transformation where students become graduates who are progressive leaders in their professions and communities


    Need Tutoring Help???

    If you are in need of tutoring the Academic Assistant Program can help. Stop by the Academic Support Center located in Flora-Frick Hall 154 and pick up a Tutor Request Form. Tutors are available for most courses on a first come, first serve basis.

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