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The Academic Success Center fosters student success and retention by providing a centralized location of resources for students, staff and faculty.

If you are in need of academic support, or assistance with advising and registration, our office is open and ready to help!

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At the MSUM Academic Success Center, we recognize that all populations of students have not been equally served by institutions of higher education. As a result of these inequities, educational gaps in student success and achievement continue. Because of this, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment in which all students – within and across multiple identities – feel supported and valued. We believe that the only way to transform lives – and ultimately, the world – is to achieve equitable outcomes for all students. To do this, we are committed to seeking out and understanding the needs and experiences of our diverse students and working collaboratively to advocate for and meet those needs.

We will demonstrate this commitment by the following action items:

  • Identify and challenge departmental and university systems and policies that create and sustain inequity
  • Actively seek feedback from underrepresented students about their experiences, and work collaboratively across campus to create and implement learning opportunities to meet their needs
  • Create spaces (physical and virtual) that are accessible and welcoming to all
  • Advocate for and guide students through challenges and barriers that disproportionately affect underserved students
  • Gather and learn from data related to equity to make evidence-based decisions and measure progress toward our goals of eliminating equity gaps
  • Commit time and resources to exploring our own professional development, as a team and individually, including exploring underlying assumptions that interfere with inclusiveness
  • Intentionally foster employment, leadership, and engagement opportunities for diverse individuals