Course Design

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Designing, Redesigning or Revising Individual Courses

Faculty who are looking for opportunities to improve or enhance their courses can consult with instructional designers and technologist in the Office of Online Learning are here to help. Topics may include:

  • student engagement
  • online community building and communication
  • assessment alternatives
  • course organization
  • accessibility
  • alignment
  • and more…

Full course design or redesign

EDD compensation may be available for full course projects as resources allow up to two EDDs per course. Please email us to add a course to the waitlist.

Schedule a Consultation or Course Review

Create a ticket with a description of your goals. An instructional designer will schedule time with you to talk through your current courses. After determining what works and what doesn't, we can lend an impartial perspective and help identify ways and means to accomplish your goals.

Self-Guided Resources

Faculty may also choose to make use of resources to guide independent course revision or review.

To schedule a meeting or for more information, please contact us.

After your course has gone through the MSUM ID Process, during which we apply many of the QM principles and standards, you could consider taking your course through the QM review process to earn QM Course Design Certification.

Currently, the Office of Online Learning is offering 1 EDD per course brought through the official QM review process. The cost for the QM review is also covered.

How do I get started?

The following three steps will guide you through the majority of the QM application process.

1 - Get Training

Before engaging in the official review process, we strongly recommend taking QM’s online workshop, Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR), to ensure better understanding of the QM standards and review process. You will need to email us for assistance with this registration process and to receive a copy of the QM Rubric Workbook.

2 - Complete a Self-Review

After completing the APPQMR, you should conduct your own QM Self-Review. The self-review process guides you through the same tool reviewers use in an official review to mark standards and provide feedback. This is an opportunity for you to make any necessary last-minute revisions and ensure your course is in tip-top shape before the official review.

3 - Consult with QM Coordinator & Plan for Review

After training and self-review, schedule a time to consult with our campus’ QM Coordinator. During this consultation, you will discuss logistical considerations of the review process, complete the review application (if appropriate), and discuss any questions or concerns.

Need a QM Rubric Workbook?

As subscribing members to QM, we have access to the full annotated rubric through the Self-Review tool (upon login to your MyQM account).

If you would like a hard copy of the Annotated QM Rubric Workbook, send a request to the Office of Online Learning.

Need a MyQM account or have questions about QM?

Need an account through QM or unsure if you already have an account? Email the Office of Online Learning for assistance.