Lab Crawl Participation

The Lab Crawl is an opportunity for students, faculty, and community members to visit MSUM Labs to see our faculty-mentored student research and creative work. To participate, you just need to open your lab to visitors at some point during the week of April 16 to 18, 2019. It can be for one hour on a single day, or a few hours each day of the week, whatever you like.

Please arrange to have a faculty or student RA present during the open house hours. No formal presentation is necessary, just give a lab tour, explain your research or demonstrate a study underway, and answer questions. Consider displaying materials for visitors during your lab open house hours, such as past conference posters or handouts.

Participating labs must also create a stamp, sticker, or signature that visitors will collect in their Lab Crawl Maps during the open house. They can turn in these to be entered into a drawing for prizes to be awarded at the Student Academic Conference.

And please join the Lab Crawl yourself and encourage your students and RAs to do the same!