Student Academic Conference Student Presenter Instructions

Thank you for participating in MSU Moorhead’s 23rd Annual Andrew B. Conteh Student Academic Conference. I hope participating at the conference is a transformative experience for you. Below, you will find some instructions for the day of the conference.

First, however, I would like to emphasize that it is important for you to check the presentation schedule on the SAC site. A number of changes have to be made, so double check the schedule on the SAC site.

Also, keep in mind that you are invited to attend the Student Academic Conference luncheon at 11:00 a.m., which is free to presenters and mentors.

Instructions for students with oral presentations:

  1. Please stop at the registration table to register
  2. You will be presenting as part of a session where there will be other student presenters. The sessions last 80 minutes and start at 9:40, 12:40, or 2:10. Each presenter has 20 minutes to present.
  3. Before your session begins, go to the room where your presentation is scheduled and introduce yourself to the session chair.
  4. Be sure to stay for the whole length of the session—be there for those who present before you and stay for those present after you. It is simple courtesy to the other presenters.
  5. Be sure to meander, before or after your session is over, visit the poster section of the Academic Conference and other oral presentations.

Instructions for students with poster presentations:

  1. Please stop by the registration table where you will register and will receive an easel number
  2. There are three sessions staring at 9:40, 12:40, and 2:10.
  3. A few minutes before your session begins find your easel number and set your poster up—while we will provide you the easel, be sure to bring a board or something rigid where you can set your poster.
  4. Stay next to your poster. People will walk around and stop and ask you questions about your poster; try to respond in non-technical language unless you know the person is technically proficient.
  5. When your session is over, take your poster down so the next presenter can set his or her poster up.
  6. Be sure to meander, before or after your session is over, visit other posters and oral presentations.