Honors Program Individual Application Review

The Honors Program is exclusively for high-achieving students admitted to MSUM. It represents an outstanding journey toward personal growth, intellectual independence and professional preparation. Transfer students, international students, and any student who feels they would be successful in the Honors Program can apply for an individual review. There is no deadline for submitting this form, but space in the honors program is limited so the earlier the better.

Please note that the MSUM Honors Program is designed to be completed in four years. Students are required to take 15 credits of honors seminars (five classes), along with 8 credits of experiential honors “Encounters” that are taken one credit each semester.

Honors Program individual student review requires the following materials:

  1. The completed form
  2. One letter of recommendation emailed to honors@mnstate.edu
  3. Grades/test scores emailed to honors@mnstate.edu
    • Transfer and domestic students: an unofficial copy of your most recent high school or college transcript AND most recent ACT/SAT scores
    • International students: Unofficial copy of your most recent high school transcript AND standardized test scores where available, including ACT/SAT and TOEFL

*indicates required field

Letter of Application

Writing Sample