Honors Program Course Requirements


All of the Honors Program requirements provide high-achieving students like you with a challenging curriculum suited to your needs, interests and abilities.

  • 15 Honors credits (five (5) classes), all of which have general education/LASC designations:
    • Honors 200 Colloquium – A topical, writing-intensive course taken fall of Freshman year
    • Honors 492 Capstone – Development of an intellectual and/or professional written project that demonstrates your accomplishments in the program taken Senior year.
    • Three (3) Honors 300 level courses (can substitute one major course using the honors-contract)
  • Up to 8 credits Honors 102 Encounters – You are expected to register for a one-credit Honors 102 Encounters course every semester you are in the program (freshmen may count FYE for HON 102 in the fall).
    • Honors encounters includes attendance and reflection on a variety of campus activities, performances, lectures, etc.
    • Honors encounters can by earned by:
      • Learning abroad;
      • Foreign language beyond major requirements;
      • Independent research or creative work beyond required coursework