Sustainability Courses & Curriculum

Creating a sustainable world will take lots of creativity and cooperation, with professionals in all fields working together to help solve the complex problems our world faces. The interdisciplinary breadth of MSUM’s Sustainability program explores the elements that define the sustainability of human institutions, organizations, cultures and technologies in diverse and changing environments. In addition to core courses from a variety of disciplinary areas such as history, English, biology, geosciences, mathematics, and women’s and gender studies, you will also explore interdisciplinary case studies regarding social-environmental issues that encompass topics such as biodiversity, climate change, energy sources, environmental pollution, politics and history, human population and migration, social change and much more. You will be encouraged to acquire in-depth knowledge in a specific field through the addition of a second major, minor or certificate (such as the Geographic Information Science Certificate) to compliment and strengthen your broad-based education in sustainability.

Degree Options