Sustainability Careers & Outcomes

The beauty of MSUM’s Sustainability degree is the opportunity for you to focus on an area of interest and/or to complement another major with the Sustainability degree to make you even more marketable. Sustainability majors who graduated in 2015 enjoyed 100 percent job placement.

Sustainability College to Career Map

What can I do with a Sustainability degree?

Below are the areas of emphases for you to choose from, along with the types of jobs you might be interested in.

The Business emphasis explores business leadership, making decisions that will create sustainable resources within existing business models and experimenting with ways to increase sustainability while yielding profits.

Construction Management
In the Construction Management emphasis you will analyze and construct residential and commercial structures based on efficient design (LEED) practices and green materials. Graduates manage the construction of energy efficient structures leading toward a more sustainable future.

Energy Sustainability
You will learn about options and trends in the sustainable energy generation field, the design and application of various energy sources, and energy conservation models to move to a sustainable future.

Environmental Policy
You will learn to advance and critique the integration of environmental issues and processes into the social and economic policies and practices of businesses, governments, communities and non-profit organizations.

Environmental Science
You will learn about the interactions between humans and the world, evaluate alternative energy systems, identify the effects of global climate change and assess the environmental footprint of industries and population centers.

Operations Management
If you’re interested in industrial production, inventory management or specialized careers in production to help businesses sustain a lean and efficient environment, this is the emphasis for you.

Where Sustainability Alumni Work

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