RN to BSN Degree 4-Year Plan

The 4-Year Plan is a model for completing your BS in Nursing degree in a timely manner. The plan below is one of several possible ways for you to complete the RN to BSN degree. Your individualized plan may look different if you have already fulfilled some requirements. Check your Financial Aid as it may require additional term credits for full-time funding. You must complete all university and program requirements successfully to complete this degree (GPA, 120 credits, LASC, WI, residency).

MSUM's RN to BSN program is now awarding 6 upper division course credits after you pass your NCLEX-RN. You will have 3 credits added to your DAR after you successfully complete NURS 301. Then after you successfully complete NURS 348L the other 3 credits will be added.

PDF version of the RN to BSN Roadmap

  • Program: Bachelor of Science: Nursing
  • Total Credits: 31 credits (Total credits should be 120 with previous credits earned.)
  • Catalog: 2023-2024

First Year

Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (1st Fall)
Core Requirement: WI NURS 301 Transitions 4
Core Requirement: NURS 303 Holistic Family Nursing 4
LASC Goal 1B ENGL 101 English Composition 3
LASC Goal 2     3
LASC Goal 3     3
Total Credits: 17
Spring (1st Spring)
Core Requirement: NURS 370 Nursing Research and EBP 4
Core Requirement: NURS 348L Public Health 4
LASC Goal 1A COMM 100 Speech Communication 3
LASC Goal 3     3
LASC Goal 4     3
Total Credits: 17



  • Pass your NCLEX-RN and successfully complete NURS 301 and NURS 348L and you will have 6 credits (3 credits each course) added to your DAR.


Second Year

Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (2nd Fall)
Core Requirement: LASC Goal 7 NURS 342 Interdisciplinary Care of Diverse Populations 3
Core Requirement: NURS 462/ 354/ 352 3 P's/ Integrative Nursing/ End of Life Nursing Care 3
LASC Goal 5 and 8     3
LASC Goal 10     3
LASC Goal 6 and 9     3
Total Credits: 15
Spring (2nd Spring)
Core Requirement: NURS 420 Gerontological Nursing 3
Core Requirement: NURS 472 Leadership and Professional Development 3
Core Requirement: WI for major NURS 473 Professional Pathways 3
LASC Goal 5     3
LASC Goal 6     3
Total Credits: 15


  • This plan is the 4 semester track with a fall start.
  • Students transfer in RN degree credits - must have RN degree to pursue program.
  • Most students transfer in with completed general education.