History Scholarships

MSUM offers a variety of History scholarships for current and incoming students. Scholarships are listed below. Students can apply for university scholarships through the online scholarship application October 1-February 1.

This scholarship is awarded to full-time students who are majoring in Social Studies with the intention of becoming a Social Studies teacher.

No additional requirements are needed.

This scholarship is awarded to full-time students who are majoring in History or Social Studies. 

No additional requirements are needed. 

This scholarship is awarded to full-time students majoring in a Humanities field. The scholarship award will be half to full tuition for one academic year with the possibility of renewal for up to four years (the scholarship amount will depend on the recipient’s residency status).

Eligibility requires a declared major in a Humanities field and remains so for the duration of the scholarship. MSUM Humanities majors include:

  • English, History, Social Studies with a History Emphasis, Social Studies with an Anthropology Emphasis, Women’s & Gender Studies, Art History, Film Studies, Anthropology

While preference will be given to students pursuing a Humanities based degree, other degrees may be given consideration, provided they align with the spirit of the Tom and Adrienne Bahr strategic objectives for the Humanities.

Students who are eligible for this scholarship will be invited to the Scholarship Interview Day held annually in February on campus.