History Learning Opportunities

Get involved in one of the many hands-on learning opportunities designed specifically for History majors at MSU Moorhead. Whether you’re interested in joining a student organization; studying abroad; or collaborating with professors, peers and local organizations, there are abundant opportunities to get involved.

The MSUM History Club is an organization for students and friends of History and Social Studies. The group organizes committees for socials and academic affairs, and works closely with faculty to help make the History department a greater place.

Let the games begin! History role-playing games provide an interactive learning environment that draws you more deeply into historical contexts, promotes peer engagement and improves intellectual and academic skills. The ultimate goal is for you to apply what you learn from history to what you read in today’s news.

You’ll be assigned roles from a historical point in time, such as the French Revolution or the Council of Nicaea. As a team, you and your classmates will prepare to debate important issues relevant to your historical time period, with your arguments based only on what was known at the time. Game sessions are run with minimal instructor guidance. These role-playing exercises offer a challenging, engaging and team-oriented learning experience.

Study abroad in Norway at the University of Agder. This new program is an exciting, cost-effective way for you to study humanities subjects and learn the Norwegian language. To apply, you must be of sophomore standing or higher, and have at least a 2.5 GPA.

Learn about the Transformation of the Ancient world by experiencing the countries first-hand. We partner with the Balkan Heritage Society in order to give our students training in archaeology from a historian’s lens. For more information, contact History department chair Annette Morrow.

The Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County (HCSCC) is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Clay County, and works to interpret and share its rich heritage through exhibits and programming.

History students have the opportunity to partner with the HCSCC on projects through volunteering and internships. Internship positions include: general museum assistant, marketing, archives, artifacts, events and exhibits.

MSU Moorhead’s Student Academic Conference (SAC) provides an opportunity for student researchers to present their work to faculty, administration, peers and the community in a formal academic setting each April. You’ll have the chance to present your hard work in a variety of ways—panel discussions, workshops, multimedia presentations, displays and demonstrations—and gather constructive feedback to help you better analyze and continue exploration.

Although internships are not required to complete your History degree, they are highly recommended. Several businesses in the Fargo-Moorhead area are seeking students like you to provide needed services for their company. In return, you’ll gain highly beneficial experience and develop a strong resume in the process.

You will learn how to research and write articles for National Public Radio’s “Dakota Datebook” series. These articles are performed by local celebrities and featured on Prairie Public Radio.