Healthcare Management & Leadership Internships & Licenses

The students in the MSUM’s Healthcare Management and Leadership program complete a planned internship which is related to their course of study. This internship is designed to provide practical experience based upon the theoretical foundations learned in the classroom settings. Each student develops skills in the area of problem solving, strategic planning, process improvement, project management, financial analysis, human resource coordination, and leadership.

Internship Resources for Students & Preceptors

Senior Support Services License Requirements

The Minnesota Board requires approved academic programs to maintain a high standard in the initial education and training of the executive administrator for long term care supports and services. MSUM’s Healthcare Management and Leadership and MHA program meet both education and training requirements for Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) and Assisted Living Director (ALD) license. Please note that both the programs also meet license requirements in ND.

General Information

Request for Academic Course and/or Experience Review Form

Practicum/Internship Requirements

Preceptor Resources

  • AIT Program Manual
  • Preceptor Training Module (Source - NAB Website) - The Online Preceptor Four Part Module Training Course
    • • This online training program for Preceptors is divided into four unique modules of education. Preceptors will be able to earn NAB approved continuing education (CE) for completion of each of the modules below and successfully passing the post-test. Each module will be worth 1.25 NAB-Approved CEs.
      • Module 1 will focus on the structure of the AIT/Practicum & the role of the Preceptor.
      • Module 2 will focus on the fostering of a culture of learning.
      • Module 3 will focus on developing the AIT from a novice to an emerging leader.
      • Module 4 will move beyond the Domains of Practice and explore other resources to your AIT as your relationship moves towards mentoring.

Information about License Exams

General Information about ALD License

Information about Field Experience

Mentor Requirements and Qualifications

Students' Self Assessment and Toolkit
“The toolkit provides a self-assessment the Mentee/ALDIR will complete prior to beginning the field experience/practicum to identify strengths/weaknesses and will help guide the Mentor and Mentee/ALDIR in the number of hours recommended and topics throughout the field experience” (BELTSS website).

Information About Exams