Film Studies Learning Opportunities

Hands-on learning beyond the classroom will help you explore the field of film studies to a greater extent and give you more experience doing what you love. Whether you’re interested in joining a student organization or want to live and learn with fellow Film Studies majors, you can never claim to be bored at MSUM.

The student organization Cinethusiasts is for filmmakers and film lovers dedicated to activities in film production, networking and screenings. As a member, you’ll attend film festivals, host annual Academy Awards and Halloween Silent Movie parties, participate in the national 48 Hour Film Project and more.

At MSUM, we take the classroom to the professional world. Film Production and Film Studies students tour local and regional production and post-production facilities to see editing studios, grip trucks, sound stages and film processing labs. Field trips also include festivals and museums, like the Walker Art Center, the South Dakota Film Festival and the Fargo Film Festival.

Interested in learning and living with students pursuing the same degree as you? Join the Film, Animation, Music and Audio Production and Entertainment  Management (FAME) Learning Community to explore career options in your field, collaborate on group projects, attend film screenings and more.

Film Studies students attend several conferences each year and are frequently recognized for their academic excellence in regional and national conferences. If you’re interested in attending a conference, contact Professor Anthony Adah.

MSU Moorhead’s Student Academic Conference (SAC) provides an opportunity for student researchers to present their work to faculty, administration, peers and the community in a formal academic setting each April. You’ll have the chance to present your hard work in a variety of ways—panel discussions, workshops, multimedia presentations, displays and demonstrations—and gather constructive feedback to help you better analyze and continue exploration.

As a student in the School of Media Arts and Design, you can study abroad in Lincoln the spring semester of your junior year at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom if you have a 2.75 GPA or higher.

The Film Loop is a student organization that holds weekly discussions on various film topics. From “Star Wars” to “The Godfather,” if it’s on the big screen you’ll talk about it. The Film Loop also releases “Film Loop Journal,” a film and TV-oriented magazine, each semester, and hosts a weekly radio show. The Film Loop also hosts an annual high school film festival, which provides hands-on curating and programming experience.