Biology Careers & Outcomes

MSUM graduates majoring in the BA or BS in Biology will build a solid foundation in the biological sciences. Typically, about half of our graduates advance to graduate programs or professional schools while the rest work in business and industry.

Biology College to Career Map

What can I do with a Biology degree?

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Emphasis Careers
Biological scientists study living organisms and their relationship to the environment. They perform research to gain a better understanding of fundamental life processes and apply that understanding to developing new products or processes. Research can be broken down into two categories: basic and applied. Basic research is conducted without any intended aim; the goal is simply to expand on human knowledge. Applied research is directed toward solving a particular problem.

Human Health Sciences Emphasis Careers
Graduates from MSUM have a high rate of success being accepted to professional programs to continue their studies in the human health sciences field. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree or plan to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, you’ll be exceptionally well prepared for whatever your future holds.

Employment in healthcare is projected to grow by 15 percent between 2019 and 2029, which is much faster than average for other occupations, adding approximately 2.4 million new jobs. The median annual wage for healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (e.g., nurses, physicians, surgeons and dental hygienists) was $69,870 in May 2020. With MSUM’s BS in Biology with emphasis in Human Health Sciences degree, you can pursue several careers.

Pre-Health Pathways


Medical & Cellular Biology Emphasis Careers
Biological processes at the cellular and molecular level apply to all levels of biological organization from genes to ecosystems. This versatile degree opens opportunities for careers in the human health to resource management to everything in between.

One Health Emphasis Careers
MSUM graduates with the One Health emphasis will build a solid foundation in the biological sciences and often advance to outstanding professional schools and graduate programs throughout the country, frequently receiving graduate assistantships because of their extensive undergraduate research experience.

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