MS & Specialist in School Psychology Field Experience

Field-based practice in both first and second years of study provides public school experience to students. Students are placed in school settings within the first month of enrollment. Practices are supervised by local educators and school psychologists and are coordinated with course work so students can apply concepts and techniques learned in class.

Students usually complete practice in three different settings. Since MSU Moorhead borders Minnesota and North Dakota and has access to different sizes and types of school systems, students have the opportunity to learn about how different educational systems operate. Also, the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area schools are becoming increasingly diverse with sizable Hispanic and American Indian communities and increasing numbers of new immigrants from a wide variety of countries. Thus, students' practicum experiences are diverse in many aspects. Practicum experiences in alternative school settings or in schools in or near American Indian reservations also have been developed to enhance our students’ experience with diverse students and settings.

A 1,200 hour internship during the third year of study serves as the capstone experience for training. Internships are usually positions within school districts or special education cooperatives in the tri-state area. Internships that students have taken in recent years have all been at least partially paid, and usually fully paid, positions.

Students are in public school placements within the first month of enrollment. Over the course of the two years you are on campus, you will complete three practice within school settings. An effort is made to place students in different settings for the three practica so you have the opportunity to work with a variety of age groups, in more than one district, in an applied environment, and often in both rural and urban settings. Since MSUM is located on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota, you will be able to see how schools operate in both states.

Internships are usually in school districts or education cooperatives in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. In the last several years, we have had several students complete internships in Iowa, as well. We also have had interns in other states, such as Colorado, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Alaska and Hawaii. These interns have made use of our distance learning capabilities to participate in the classes we teach in conjunction with the internship.