School Psychology Online Student Field Experience Requirements

Applicants will need to work with a School District or Special Education Cooperative to ensure appropriate field placements are available. There are several possible scenarios for an entirely online student:

  • A District or Coop identifies a possible applicant for a “grow your own” model where the District develops a clear plan for supporting the graduate student.
  • The applicant works with a District or Coop to develop a clear plan for completing the required field placements.

We encourage any applicant considering the remote option to work closely with the MSUM Program Director while creating a field placement plan. If you are applying for the remote option you must include a signed REMOTE (Online) APPLICANT - AGENCY PRACTICUM AGREEMENT FORM with your application. This agreement documents the applicant has a plan in place with an agency to complete at least Practica 1. This agreement form is available as part of the application process when you choose the remote (online) option.

Below are the basic requirements to help guide planning and decisions about appropriate placements. You can also use this PDF with more detailed information about practica requirements, if needed.

  • 3 semesters of practicum (Fall Year 1, Spring Year 1, and Spring Year 2 (or Year 3 under the 4-Year Plan).
  • Each practicum is a minimum 100 hours for the semester conducted during regular school hours in a school setting.
  • Practica must be supervised by a school psychologist. Practica 1 and 3 may be supervised by another professional appropriate to the setting approved by the MSUM faculty.
  • Across the 3 practica, graduate students should have access to students PreK-12 with a variety of educational needs and in a variety of settings.
  • Practica experiences must allow for completion of required course assignments.
  • Students must not be expected to complete activities beyond their level of training.
  • Students will abide by all district policies and practices.
  • Students need to pass a background check either through the MSUM program or their school districts.
  • Any compensation for the student’s work will be negotiated between the student and the district/agency.
  • Students will keep a daily log of all practicum activities and hours.
  • Students will communicate with MSUM and district if they need to be absent on a scheduled practicum day.
  • Supervisors need to complete evaluations of the student and meet with the university supervisor.
  • Districts need to provide access to appropriate materials and settings and work with MSUM on access to any materials unavailable on-site.
  • Graduate students need access to student records on a need-to-know-basis.

In addition to the 3 practica, there is a 1200 hour required internship. If the applicant plans to complete the internship in the same District or Coop, the internship should be discussed when planning the practicum placements and supervisors.