Digital Portfolio Guidelines for School of Art Scholarships

If you are applying for a School of Art scholarship you must submit a digital portfolio with your online scholarship application October 1-February 1. A list of available art scholarships can be found on the School of Art Scholarships page.

Guidelines for a Digital Portfolio

You must have a minimum of ten images, and no more than ten additional when submitting views of 2D and 3D projects (20 maximum). Example of file name (hollandshirlee) your last name first name.

You must upload your work as a digital portfolio. The digital presentation must be a single PDF file. Make sure your images are 96ppi, and no more than 800 pixels in the longest dimension (vertical or horizontal). Your digital portfolio should include the following information about each piece:

  1. Name
  2. Title (should be italicized or underlined)
  3. The medium
  4. Date of completion
  5. Dimensions
    • Three-dimensional works: Height x Width x Depth (always in that order)
    • Two-dimensional works: Height x Width (always in that order)


  • Use a simple background (black, white, or gray) in your digital presentation. Let your work speak for itself.
  • For 2-D works that are smaller, scan them with a flatbed scanner.
  • For 2-D works that are bigger, photograph them hanging on a wall or placing them flat on the floor.
  • Use two light sources that are exactly the same, place lights at 45 degree angle.
  • For 3-D works, use procedures recommended by your 3-D faculty member.
  • Avoid photographing your work on fabric of any kind. Instead, use white matboard or paper.
  • Consider taking your work to a professional photographer and paying them to properly photograph your art.

The example below is given as a general guideline for preparing your work digitally.