Student Absence Procedure

Custodian of Policy: Vice President Academic Affairs

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy: Board Policy 5.12

Relevant Policy: Student Absence Policy

Effective Date: Spring 2019

Last Review: Spring 2019

Next Review: Spring 2026

Student Procedures

  • In the cases of absences due to military requirements or long-term illnesses or family or personal emergencies that are approved by the Dean of Students, the Dean of Students will notify the affected faculty members of the excused absence. Upon their return to classes, the student is responsible for working directly with the affected faculty members to make up the missed assessment activities.
  • In other cases, the student is expected to make the initial notification of the absence to their instructors.
  • For scheduled absences (for example, absences due to regular season athletic competitions, Model UN, etc.), notification should be given to the faculty member by the student at least two weeks in advance of the absence. Exceptions should be made for events that occur within the first two weeks of the start of the class. For summer courses, exceptions should be made consistent with the two week period adjusted proportionately to the length of the summer term.
  • In any case, notification is expected as soon as it is feasible to do so. This will generally mean before the actual absence occurs.
  • Appropriate documentation relevant to the excuse is expected. That documentation may be provided directly to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Students or similar official indicated above when the absence is excused through that official. Otherwise it would be provided directly to the faculty members affected. Individual faculty members may choose to waive this requirement.

Faculty Procedures

  • The instructor must indicate on their class syllabus any assessed activities for which neither the original activity nor an alternative activity is feasible to provide to students who miss the assessed activity and where the student’s grade would be impacted should they miss that assessed activity. In normal circumstances, the date of these assessed activities would also be provided.
  • The instructor should clearly indicate the timeline for the submission of any assessed activities to the student. In particular, in the case of scheduled absences, the student may be required to submit the assignment in advance of the absence.