Nominate a Dragon

Do you know of a Dragon who has gone on to do great things? Nominate them today for one of our MSUM Foundation Awards. Your insights play a crucial role in recognizing outstanding Dragons who have made a significant impact. Nominations are accepted for the following categories of recognition:

  • Outstanding Young Alumni Award - The Outstanding Young Alumni Award celebrates the achievements of Dragons who have displayed remarkable accomplishments in their professional and personal lives before age 35. These exceptional individuals have made significant strides early in their careers, showing exceptional promise, leadership, and impact. By acknowledging their accomplishments at a young age, MSUM aims to inspire and recognize the potential of its graduates, encouraging them to continue striving for excellence and making a positive difference in the world.
  • Dragon Impact Award – The Dragon Impact Award recognizes outstanding individuals aged 36-55 who exemplify the power of education, embody MSUM's spirit, and have significantly impacted their communities. These awardees inspire positive change through education, social justice advocacy, and mental health support, aligning with MSUM's core values and higher education ideals. They symbolize the essence of being a Dragon.
  • Distinguished Alumni Award - This prestigious award recognizes Dragons who have achieved exceptional success and made a lasting impact in their chosen field, whether vocational or voluntary, throughout their careers. These outstanding alumni have demonstrated remarkable achievements, leadership, and contributions, bringing honor to themselves and MSUM. By recognizing their extraordinary accomplishments, these Dragons, 56 years of age and older, aim to inspire current and future students, showcasing the diverse paths to success and the immeasurable potential of a Dragon education. This award celebrates the achievement of an exceptional nature in any field, vocational or voluntary, covering an entire career.
  • Outstanding Service Award - The Outstanding Service Award acknowledges the extraordinary commitment and contributions of individuals who have provided extended and exceptional service to MSUM. These dedicated individuals have gone above and beyond to support and enhance the university community. Their selfless service has made a lasting and positive impact on student’s lives, faculty, staff, and the broader MSUM community. The Outstanding Service Award aims to recognize and express gratitude for their remarkable dedication and invaluable role in shaping and strengthening the university.
  • Legacy Builder Award - Recognizes and celebrates the collective efforts of individuals, corporations, foundations, and other entities who have substantially contributed to MSUM's mission and educational initiatives. Whose visionary philanthropic efforts have had a transformative impact on MSUM and education. Their strategic contributions demonstrate a deep commitment to creating lasting change and improving educational opportunities.
    This award honors individuals who have built a legacy through their philanthropic endeavors, leaving a profound and enduring impact on MSUM. Their contributions serve as an inspiration for future generations of philanthropic leaders.

Please complete the form to nominate an MSUM Foundation Award. For more information, feel free to contact us.