English Language Tutor Program

The English Language Tutor Program connects students with tutors who will help MSUM international students, scholars and their spouses with conversational English and provide information about living in the U.S. and Fargo-Moorhead. Conversation partners usually meet for about 3-4 hours per week on campus or another location convenient for both. International students and scholars practice and improve their skills through conversation with a tutor, either individually or in a small group with others who have similar English skills. This is a conversation program intended to assist students with verbal communication skills. Tutors do not assist with writing or academic tutoring.

Who is eligible to apply for a conversation tutor?

Enrolled MSUM international undergraduate students, graduate students, visiting research/scholars connected with MSUM departments and spouses are all eligible to apply for a conversation tutor. An applicant must speak and understand enough English to verbally communicate with a tutor.

Who are tutors?

English language tutors are students, staff and faculty related to majors like English or Communications, or students with strong backgrounds in oral and written communication. Tutors speak grammatically correct English and have patience, empathy and an interest in interacting with people from other nations.

How often will I meet my tutor?

Tutors and their matched tutees agree on a weekly meeting time and place. They meet a couple of times a week for one to two hours each time. Once this time is arranged, the tutee is expected to attend the sessions regularly. To cancel or reschedule a meeting, tutees must call their tutors in advance. Tutees who do not regularly attend their scheduled sessions (whether or not they notified their tutors) are dropped from this program. Before applying for a tutor, be certain that your schedule will allow you to commit to weekly meetings with your tutor.

How long will I have to wait before I am assigned a tutor?

The waiting time for a tutor varies. At certain times of the year (such as Fall Semester) there are large number of applicants. It is sometimes necessary to wait for several months before volunteers can be located for all applicants. Another determining factor is your availability. Most tutors prefer to volunteer their time during the day on weekdays. Therefore, individuals who are only available to meet with tutors evenings and weekends usually have a longer wait period for a tutor and often times we are unable to match a tutor with them. Generally, the more flexible the applicants schedule, the sooner they are assigned a tutor.

How much does it cost to apply for a tutor?

Graduate and undergraduate students participate in this program for free.

How do I apply?

If you want a tutor, please read all the information to determine if you are eligible. Complete the application form making certain you provide all the information requested. You will be notified via e-mail if your application has been accepted. It will then be you responsibility to visit or call International Student Services to schedule an appointment for your interview. During the interview we make an effort to identify the areas in which you are in need of the most assistance and discuss any questions you might have about the tutor program.

If you would like to be a tutor, please email your resume and cover letter to International Student and Scholar Services.