American Indian Center (AIC)

The American Indian Center is a welcoming place for all students, staff and faculty to socialize, study, hold meetings and events, and access a multimedia library that celebrates American Indian contributions. The center features a computer lab, an entertainment area with a large screen television and DVD player, Ojibwe and Lakota language programs, tribal newspapers, and craft items such as seed beads, leather, feathers and similar items.

American Indian Student Association (AISA) meets weekly in the American Indian Center. AISA is a student-run organization that serves to support and enhance the academic, cultural, and social opportunities for students. AISA’s mission is to preserve and promote friendship and understanding through traditional and contemporary American Indian ways. For more information and membership questions, visit MSUM AISA or contact us.


The American Indian Center aspires to promote a sense of community among American Indian students and the campus community to achieve cultural, social and personal development through the celebration of American Indian heritage, arts, language and culture.


The mission of the American Indian Center is to serve as a center of knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary American Indian culture through educational events and programs, giving students and the campus community the opportunity to enrich their cultural and academic experiences. The American Indian Center serves to support American Indian students providing campus and community resources, information on tribal, state, and national scholarships and internships and jobs.