Accessibility Resources Note Taker Request

Accessibility Resources (AR) provides class notes as an accommodation if you have a documented disability that adversely affects your ability to take notes and you have been determined eligible for this accommodation.

Accommodations are individualized and are intended to minimize the impact a disability has on your access to an educational setting. Accommodations provide meaningful access to the programs, services and activities at MSUM.

If you are a returning student who is already approved for accommodations, you must request your current accommodation letter for each semester BEFORE you can arrange your accommodations.

Common approved accommodations can be arranged below. For other accommodations not noted here, please contact the Director of Accessibility Resources.

ALL accommodations you are arranging MUST be an approved accommodation and noted on your Accommodation Letter. Your Accommodation Letter will be emailed to you after the Director receives your request.

Procedures for Requesting a Note Taker

  1. Note taking must be an approved accommodation noted on your Accommodation Letter.
  2. When you present the Accommodation Letter to your instructor, you will discuss your note taking needs. If the instructor posts his/her notes, you likely won’t need a note taker for the class.
  3. You will inform AR about the courses for which you will require notes by completing the form for each class for which a note taker is needed.
  4. When your request for a note taker is received, we will prepare a Note Taker Recruitment Memo (NTRM) that we will email to your instructor. The instructor will:
    • Email the NTRM to the class list
    • Print the form to read to the class or if the instructor knows of a student in the class who would be a good note taker, the instructor can give the NTRM to the student and send them to the AR to get registered
  5. Once the volunteer note taker is registered with AR, you will be notified via email of the note taker’s name, email, phone number and how the note taker will provide the notes to you.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Attend class regularly. Notes are not a substitute for attendance.
  2. You should work with the note taker to discuss how you will receive your notes, ensure the notes are of high quality, and provided in a timely manner.
  3. You should report any unresolved problems, those lasting longer than one week, to AR immediately so appropriate steps can be taken to correct the situation.
  4. If you are concerned about the quality of notes being provided, please ask the instructor to evaluate them.
  5. You must pick up your notes at least once per week if you are receiving copies provided through Accessibility Resources or the service will be discontinued.
  6. You must notify AR immediately if a class is dropped.

By submitting the Request a Note Taker form, I agree to follow the procedures listed above.

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