Key & Card Access

MSU Moorhead has card readers installed on all exterior doors for academic buildings. ID cards with an encoded number have been issued to campus personnel and students. Individuals will be electronically granted access to buildings by request through Public Safety Key and Card Access.

Key & Card Access Permissions

Permission to have access to a university space and extension of access deadlines must be requested via the online form.

Keys must be requested through the online key request form. This can be accessed by your administrative assistant, chair or dean of the respective department. Email and phone calls will not be an acceptable means to request keys.

Once the request has been completed, an email will be sent to the key holder letting them know when the keys are ready to be picked up. All keys and access devices must be signed for and picked up by the person receiving them. Access devices can be picked up at the Public Safety building at any time. Requested keys are held for 30 days. If not picked up they are returned to the inventory.


  • Faculty – The department dean, director, chair or designee must request permissions for the key(s) that are to be administered and/or card access allowed into room, and/or through the outer doors of buildings.
  • Staff – The department dean, director, chair, supervisor or their designee must request permission for departmental staff. If you do not work with a department chair or administrative assistant, key and card access permissions will be accepted from the following persons:
    • University president
    • Vice presidents
    • Biosciences or Chemistry department chair (for labs)
    • Radiation safety officer (for Biochemistry and Chemistry biohazard labs)
  • Students – Faculty and staff should submit their requests via online form to the department authorized access approver, who will forward the approved requests to the Key and Card Access Office. Class lists in Excel or similar format, signed by the instructor and approved by the department chair are accepted in email form.
  • Vendors or Contractors – All keys or card access issued to vendors or contractors will be cleared through the Physical Plant manager, director, chief engineer of the Heating Plant, director of the Student Union, or vice president of Finance and Administration (respective to each individual’s purview). Key access for the residence halls must be cleared through the director of housing or their designee and obtained at the Housing Office.

Key and card access shall be issued for the shortest amount of time, as deemed necessary by the department dean, director, chair or designee.

All faculty, staff and students have a due date on their keys. For faculty and staff it is a way for the key office to inventory issued keys and for faculty/staff to evaluate if their keys are still needed and a reminder of what they have on their record with us. Often keys issued to students are for a specific class and need to be returned when the class has ended.

If campus keys are missing/stolen/lost, you must inform the Public Safety office immediately.

Failure to return keys or other access devices will require a late/lost fee of $30 per device to MSUM. Access devices will not be issued until outstanding fines have been paid. Key fines may be appealed through the online form.

If the keys are later found and returned in working condition, the fine will be credited.