Mental Health Emergency

Returning to campus after a mental health emergency can be challenging and we are here to support you.

A mental health emergency is when a student seeks out or is transported to a local mental health emergency unit for a mental health evaluation.

The Dean of Students Office supports students who may find themselves in difficult situations including emotional and psychological distress. After a student is released, they are required to meet with our staff prior to returning to classes, and in some cases, their residence hall. We feel it is important for students to meet with us to learn about resources and discuss options to be successful at MSUM. Our goal is to have students resume academic life as soon as possible. This meeting is designed for students to:

  1. Learn about support resources such as the Academic Support Center, Accessibility Resources, Counseling Services, and the Dean of Students Office.
  2. Connect with faculty for excused absence notification.
  3. Discuss realistic expectations for college life.
  4. Discuss options for academic adjustments such as reducing their course load or taking a leave of absence.
  5. Look at other opportunities to connect at MSUM that will promote their well-being and success.