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Establishing Goals through Mentorship

About ten years ago, the board of the MSUM Paseka School of Business decided to introduce a mentorship program. Rick Kasper ,who was on the board at the time, has been influencing the program and its participants ever since as a mentor, helping students set goals and make complex decisions.

The Right Person at the Right Time: Alumna Honored with Outstanding Service Award

Mary Jo Richard believes in finding places to volunteer where one can contribute both expertise and time. She has done just that as treasurer of the foundation board. Her professional background in auditing and accounting has improved processes for the quickly growing foundation.

Three alumnae bring values from university to local company

CEO of Light Consulting & Coaching, Sarah West, and two of her employees, Kari Stenger and Drew Sannes, are taking their experience at MSUM and bringing what they've learned into their work at the local company. 

A Story in Every Sip

The importance of wine, one of the most celebrated beverages in all of human existence, goes far beyond wine-mom workout videos and romantic dinner dates.

Heart of Dragons

Grit. Humility. Heart. These are the defining characteristics of the students who pass through our front gates and triumph in their entrepreneurial endeavors.