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Welcome to the Dragon Family: Robert Rachow

Meet MSUM’s new College Lab Service Specialist of the Arts and Humanities, Robert Rachow. He is ready to get to work in the art shop by helping students with their projects and overseeing their safety.

Art Students Leave Their Mark on Campus

Three art education students painted a mural on the wall of Hagen Hall.

Inspiring Artists, Past and Present

Sharon Mendola was the kind of teacher who inspired her students to see the world differently.

Art Education Student Finds Unique Way to Share Art with Others During Pandemic

As a part of MSUM’s Art Education program, most students enrolled complete an art therapy field experience course. While it’s just a requirement for some, junior Katie Lou Sandberg decided to go further.

Art Student Leads Club for Kids Amidst COVID-19

Churches United for the Homeless’ weekly Art Club for kids has become a COVID-19 success story thanks to MSUM senior art education and psychology student, Paige Busby.

Joanne Bekkerus: 'Cancer, Momentous Metamorphosis for the Soul'

Joanne Bekkerus, an MSUM alumna and employee, uses art to share her survival story of defeating ovarian cancer.

Pollinator Garden to Bring New Life to MSUM

Surrounding the hummingbird statue on campus, the pollinator garden gives students the opportunity to bring native plants to MSUM.

Voice Art

Some voices conjure fond memories like those of friends and family, while others add volume to our lives with information, direction and entertainment.

Game On

Regardless of where you fall on the continuum of the impact video games have on the world, rest assured they are here to stay.

Speaking Without Words

It’s not always easy to express yourself with words. Whether it’s frustration, anger, grief, or anxiety, these alumnae use art to draw out emotions some can’t describe, and help them paint a picture of what they’re feeling.

Power of Art

Brick by brick, piece by piece, and with the power of more than 315 children, parents, artists, volunteers and community members, Fargo unveiled its first large-scale public art project in August at Madison Skate and Bike Park.

Heart of Appalachia

Jeff Hagen ’68 (art education) is impacting kids in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains by introducing art. He may also be inspiring future artists or entrepreneurs.