Alumna Named Host of The Local Show

Photo Credit: Sara Fish​

Diane Miller graduated from MSUM in 2009 with a degree in music. Since then, she has been immersed in the music industry. Diane is now the host of The Local Show on The Current.

MSUM was the right fit for Diane because it offered her everything she was looking for in a school. She appreciated the affordability and the location. And the friendships she made were a highlight of her experience as a Dragon.

“My time at MSUM was very valuable to me. It was a great place for me to grow, learn and mature,” says Diane.

As a student athlete, competing was also an important component of her college experience. During her sophomore year, her track team won the NSIC conference meet, and she took second place in the 800 meter race.

Academically, the music program helped prepare her for a successful career in the music industry. Diane appreciated how professors challenged her and the other students in the classroom. She especially enjoyed courses with Dr. Henry Gwiazda.

“He was a really compelling teacher that had his own style, and I appreciated his lectures,” says Diane.

After graduating from MSUM she first got a job as a music editor for the High Plains Reader. She quickly became an editor of that newspaper and discovered she had a passion for journalism. Before landing her current job she also worked as a talent buyer at two different venues where she was in charge of booking bands to play shows.

Though she enjoyed being a talent buyer, she jumped at the opportunity to host for The Local Show. After a 6 month candidate process, she was selected for the position.

“It’s a great job. I get to hand select a playlist of the best music that comes out of Minnesota. I’ve even played acts from Moorhead,” says Diane.

The Local Show airs on Sundays from 6-8 p.m. Artists of all genres are able to submit their work for a chance to have it featured on the show. The only requirement is that artists must have a connection to Minnesota.

“It’s a real honor to be a host on this radio station since it’s such a beloved organization that plays a variety of good music,” says Diane.

Diane embraces the chance to lift up local and regional artists. She loves helping people reach their career goals and seeing how excited they get when she tells them that their song is going to be played on the radio.

This past summer, Diane was selected to be a board member on the Minnesota Music Coalition. This organization helps connect Minnesota musicians with the resources they need to be successful.

“As someone with a lot of experience in the local music scene, I love being able to offer insights based on my own experiences,” says Diane.

In 2020 Diane received the McKnight Fellowship for musicians, an award given to people that show great dedication to their music. She was one of four winners chosen from a pool of nearly 90 applicants. Diane is using the prize money to offset the costs of producing her album, "Earth to Diane," which releases January 2022.

Photo Credit: Sara Fish

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