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Brushes and Business

Hannah Stelter shares her experience about practicing art at MSUM and becoming a business owner.

MSUM students take home ADDY awards

MSUM graphic design and film students attended the 2023 North Dakota American Advertising Federation’s (AAF-ND) Awards show on February 24. They received ADDY awards on account of their hard work and creativity in their projects.

Community art project brings student’s vision to life

MSUM’s School of Art teamed up with the School of Media Arts and Design (SoMAD) and created a billboard for Churches United that spread the word about the organization’s mission.

Anna Knutson receives Outstanding Young Alumni Award

Anna Knutson '13 has received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award for her work in advertising and marketing.

Local Dragon’s Devotion to Craft

Tara Kennedy’s passion for creating is what sets her apart from the rest. With two degrees in graphic design and graphic communications, she sets the bar high in both professional and personal design.

Graphic design student wins multiple ADDY awards for capstone project "ReYou"

Mysha Wenzel received several ADDY awards from the 2022 North Dakota American Advertising Federation's Awards (AAF-ND) show.

Graphic design student wins ADDY awards for capstone project “Washington Golds”

Nicholas Loock received several ADDY awards from the 2022 North Dakota American Advertising Federation's (AAF-ND) Awards show.

MSUM Design and animation students team up to develop a game celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion

Angela Konz, a graphic communication major, and her partner Rebecca Zych, an animation major, created a Halloween-themed video game called “The Great Halloween Kerfuffle” for this year's conference. 

MSUM Nurtures the Next Generation of Artists

MSUM serves as a regional hub for art and music education. Here we foster the next generation of artists and help their passions and talent turn into a meaningful career. 

Expanding the Reality of Campus

A multi-campus collaboration project received a $150,000 grant to design workshops on how to use immersive experiences to better educate students.

Student Design Adorns Dragon Donor's Wine

Daisy Tripp '20 designs wine label for Paseka School of Business namesake

Hollywood Utopia

Los Angeles. It's where stars are born. The birthplace of the silver screen and the Walt Disney empire. Where aspiring artists are pulled with magnetic longing. Where dreams become reality.