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Brushes and Business

Hannah Stelter shares her experience about practicing art at MSUM and becoming a business owner.

Big Experience Under the Big Sky

Under the Big Sky was the first immersive, on-site festival to result from the partnership between MSUM's EIT program and event production company, Show Imaging. 

Internships setting international students up for success

Internships have been pivotal for international students like Emmanuel Kumi and Suman Koirala, setting them ahead in their careers. 

Chief of police, chief of change

Mike Ceynowa ‘97 could have had a long career as a police officer without a bachelor’s degree, but his four years at Minnesota State University Moorhead instilled in him a deep passion for service and the resourcefulness to notably impact the communities he’s served. 

Creating community with a good fit in finance

When Kevin Hanson walked into Gate City Bank one morning in 1983, he didn’t know if they were hiring. He had graduated with a bachelor’s in finance from MSUM two days prior and opened a phone book just hours before to look for job openings. 

Exploring the Universe and Beyond

For the past 50 years, the MSUM Planetarium has been a place for inspiration and exploration. The planetarium’s director, Sara Schultz, expects it will play that role for another 50 years.

From Straw Hat Players to the Olympic Success

Matt Weil shares his success in the EIT field, starting from his beginning days on the campus stage. 

Pulsar: Combining Science and Art

For Abigail Bormann, working at the MSUM planetarium was a way to lift up her love for both science and the humanities.

The 2022 graduate earned her degree in chemistry. During her time at MSUM. she started working at the planetarium as an honors apprentice.

Falling in love with the stars: Robin Ladd

Robin Ladd grew up in rural North Dakota, where the stars in the night sky were easily viewed. But it was the stories about the constellations that attracted the 1982 MSUM graduate to her first astronomy class. This eventually led to her working at the MSUM planetarium.

Communications grad enjoys early career success

Katie Merrick is using her experience and skills gained from her communication studies degree to aid her in her work for the Fargo Force.

The voice of a community

Amy Iler earned her BS in communication studies at MSUM in 2006 and continues to give a voice to those in the F/M area as a radio host for KFGO. 

A Chemistry Degree Twice as Valuable

Charlie Lien ’22 is the first graduate of a dual degree program in chemical engineering thanks to a partnership between MSUM and UND.