It's About to Get Real

When I announced my upcoming retirement last August, it felt comforting to know that June 30, 2023 was 10 months away. I was excited about the prospect of retiring, yes, but not at all ready to say goodbye to MSUM. I knew I would need every minute of the next 10 months to come to terms with my decision. And, the truth is, for many months it didn’t seem real.

Fast forward seven months and things are about to get very real. I’m halfway through my final semester as president. And Dr. Tim Downs has been named my successor, the 12th president of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

I know Tim will receive a warm Dragon welcome from our campus community. I know I’ll share in the excitement and anticipation: A new president represents a new era. A fresh start. A chance to move forward with hope and optimism.

I’ll also be feeling nostalgic, of course. And I’ll be doing my best to remember that every beginning starts with an ending. Before I can begin my much-anticipated retirement, I’ll have to come to terms with the end of my career in higher education—and the end of my time at a university I love deeply.

In my final three months, I look forward to helping our next president become acclimated to MSUM and doing everything I can to ensure a smooth transition.  I hope you’ll join me in giving our 12th president a warm Moorhead welcome.

Dr. Anne Blackhurst served as Minnesota State University Moorhead’s 11th president from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2023.

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