MSUM business students get creative in content marketing for local businesses

As more and more businesses market their companies on social media, they have to familiarize themselves with the tools and processes for content creation to stay relevant. As part of an entrepreneurial course at MSUM, three senior business administration students formulated a project around helping businesses do just that.

Devon Rheault, Adam Sakry and Cody Pulczinski recognized that social media marketing may be difficult for smaller businesses; even more so in the last year due to difficulties caused by the pandemic. Their project offers a solution.

“We create short, humorous online videos for them to stand out on social media, and it helps them gain some personality and flair to their business,” said Adam.

Not only can the videos show customers who the business is, Cody added, but they’re also an opportunity to expand and grow customer numbers.

The group reached out to local businesses to offer their social media services. Their first client was Leonard Country Club, located in Leonard, N.D., owned by Cody's parents, Angie and Michael, both of whom are MSUM alumni. They're continuing outreach in the community to drum up more interest in their business.

“We are using social media to channel our videos and use [our clients’] platforms to reach their customers, and then maybe get our name out at the same time,” Cody explained.

The group is currently working on its website and even getting a logo designed with their name, Big Time Small Business. As three students with jobs outside of school, the hardest part is finding the time to meet and work with the businesses. But the trio has enjoyed it so far regardless.

The group will present a slideshow of their work and their first video at this spring’s Student Academic Conference (SAC). Adam said he hopes those who watch can see the work they’ve put into it.

Adam also recognizes that in their careers, especially if they continue on a path similar to that explored in their project, they would need to be able to present their ideas. Participating in the SAC is a great experience to practice that skill, as well as others essential in life after college.

“Working as a group and the process we went through of planning, getting customer feedback, and how we should do things. We came a long way from day one,” Cody said.

The real-life experience from their project, alongside the opportunity to present what they’ve learned at the conference, is something to add to their portfolios and will be highly beneficial in their futures.

To find the trio’s presentation and hear more about their videos, head to the Student Academic Conference website. There, you’ll also find the full schedule and list of student presenters.

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