Tuition & Fees Refund Appeal


Tuition and fees refund appeals includes both undergraduate and graduate courses. For appeals of tuition students must be fully withdrawn from the class and/or classes for which the tuition appeal is being submitted.  Appeals must be submitted to Business Services within 90 days of the end of the term that the requested appeal is for. All correspondence regarding a student’s appeal status will be sent through the email address provided.

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the published deadlines on the Academic Calendar.  However, if circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented them from complying with the established dates and deadlines for that term, the student may appeal the tuition.

Consequences of an Approved Appeal of Tuition

There may be consequences of receiving a tuition refund for your courses:

  • Academic Record
    Regardless of the appeal decision, a grade of ‘W’ (for withdrawal) will remain on your academic record for each course. Please note:
    • If you have never attended your course(s) OR if you are trying to remove a W from your transcript, you must complete an Academic Appeal through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Banded Tuition
    Be aware that there is generally no tuition reimbursement for courses that are within the 12-18 credit tuition band.
  • Financial Aid
    An approved tuition refund does not change/reduce existing aid payments for that semester. Those payments will still count toward a program’s usage or borrowing limits. To preserve eligibility for the remainder of your academic program, we strongly recommend that tuition refunds be used to pay down any outstanding student loan debt. Contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid with any additional questions regarding a potential refund.

Required Actions

In order to proceed with the appeal process for tuition, use the list below to ensure you complete all required actions:

  • Withdraw from course(s) before submitting this form.
    • You must be withdrawn from the course(s) before a tuition refund will be considered. If you have not already withdrawn from the course(s), please consult the Registrar’s Office. Courses with assigned grades other than a W are not eligible for a tuition appeal.
    • If you are totally withdrawing from the University, please see the schedule for refund of tuition and fees.
  • Complete the Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal form.
  • Attach a personal statement that fully describes the circumstances of your withdrawal.
  • Attach the required supporting documentation pertaining to your appeal.

The Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal Committee meets once a month during the academic school year. They will notify the student promptly of the Committee’s decision.

Printable PDF Version of the Tuition & Fees Refund Appeal Form

Tuition & Fees Refund Appeal Form

Appeals must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the term for which a refund is requested. Students must be officially withdrawn from the class and/or classes for which the appeal is being submitted. All correspondence regarding a student’s appeal status, including approval/denial notification, will be sent through the email address provided below.

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Course(s) you are requesting a tuition refund for AND the last date you attended each course:

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Students must submit a personal statement describing their situation, and why they are requesting an appeal.