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  • Comstock Memorial Union

Comstock Memorial Union

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  • Are you looking for somewhere to get active, connected and involved? You’ve come to the right place. The Comstock Memorial Union is more than a place to hold meetings or grab a bite to eat or attend events. It’s great for all of those things, but your student union is so much more. It’s a place where you get to be more than a student—you can be a writer, a leader, an activist, an employee, an artist, and more. You can connect with other students who share your ideas, passions and goals through organizations and programs. Plus, you can connect with staff members who will challenge and support you along the way. You can get involved in a variety of student organizations and clubs to make your MSUM experience memorable and meaningful. 


    The Comstock Memorial Union is more than a building. You’re so much more than a student. Learn how you can get active, get connected and get involved through the Student Union and Activities.


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