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    The biosciences department offers a broad, comprehensive curriculum in the biological sciences. Diverse, highly educated and professionally active faculty provide excellent teaching in the classroom and laboratory. Our curriculum is research-infused. Investigative laboratory activities teach students science by encouraging them to engage in the material as scientists. Our faculty are especially active in mentoring undergraduate research. Faculty-student research collaborations result in presentations at regional, national and international meetings and publications in international scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Research experience deepens the learning experience for students and provides excellent preparation for future careers in the job market and in graduate school.

    The cadaver-based course in gross human anatomy at MSU Moorhead is the best in the Tri-College University and results in successful admission to medical school for many biology majors. The department’s state-of-the-art molecular biology facilities, extensive aquatic research laboratory facility, ownership of the Buffalo River Regional Science Center, repositories of reference materials in a regional herbarium, a modern greenhouse and growth chambers and a variety of research labs, provide a sophisticated learning environment with the necessary equipment, tools and faculty expertise for students to learn and apply practical skills. The combination of outstanding classroom instruction, faculty mentorship and in-depth, hands-on research opportunities gives graduates a powerful competitive advantage to excel in graduate school or a variety of science-related careers.

  • Help Name the New MSUM Iguana

    It was a sad day when Curie the resident MSUM Green iguana passed away. But, don’t fear, a kind family near Detroit Lakes contacted the MSUM Biosciences Department to donate their 3-year-old Green iguana. If you have passed by recently might have caught a glimpse of her chilling out on the branches or eating some […]

    Chris Chastain, Biosciences, awarded 2-year $148,600 research grant

    Chris Chastain, Biosciences, was awarded a 2-year $148,600 research grant from the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The grant, entitled “Role of pyruvate phosphate dikinase regulatory protein isoform-2 in Zea mays C4 photosynthesis”, will fund Dr. Chastain’s ongoing research into C4 photosynthesis. In addition, the award also provides funds to hire two undergraduate students […]

    Biosciences clubs participated in trick-or-canning

    Trick-or-Canning is an event that students can take part in every Halloween. Clubs in the Biosciences Department invited fellow students and friends to trick-or-treat for canned goods this Halloween at residences near the MSUM campus. Last year, 209 pounds of canned goods were donated to the Dorothy Day Food Pantry while this year students gathered […]

    Brian Wisenden presented seminar at Lehigh University, Bethlehem

    Brian Wisenden, Biosciences Department, gave an invited departmental seminar to the Department of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., on March 27. The title of his talk was “Larval morphology, performance and fitness and the evolution of parental care in convict cichlids.” This talk relied upon data collected by MSUM Biosciences undergraduates Anthony Stumbo, […]

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