Dragon Ambassadors

Dragon Ambassadors serve as the representatives of MSU Moorhead. We represent MSUM to prospective students, our campus community, and the surrounding community. Dragon Ambassadors represent MSU Moorhead in all actions.

  • Dragon Ambassadors are positive reflections of the MSUM campus community and student body.
  • Dragon Ambassadors are student leaders. Valuing MSUM’s mission, values, and willing to serve MSUM.
  • Dragon Ambassadors are engaged volunteers for the betterment of MSUM and their peers.
  • Dragon Ambassadors are the face of MSUM in all actions, behaviors, and words.
  • Dragon Ambassadors participate in the Student Leadership Program to assist prospective students as they explore their college options through campus tours and all campus visits.

Dragon Ambassador Student Leadership Program Benefits:

  • Customer service, group and public speaking, advocacy, opportunity to engage with valued alumni and campus guests, opportunity for growth and enhanced skills.
  • Whether directly related to our major or future career, these skills will inherently improve as an Ambassador.

The Office of Admissions is responsible for building a campus community of students who reflect the mission and values of MSUM. Together with Dragon Ambassadors, the Admissions Office provides a welcoming and inclusive opportunity for prospective students and their guests to visit MSUM.

Alyssa - Dragon Ambassador
Alyssa (She/Her)

Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Maple Grove, MN

I am proud to be a Dragon because my professors and mentors care deeply about me and want me to succeed. I know my future is bright as a Dragon!

Ann- Dragon Ambassador
Ann (She/Her)

Early Childhood Education
Special Education minor
Cannon Falls, MN

I knew MSUM was the school for me as soon as I stepped foot on campus. I fell in love with the campus and I wanted to receive a high-quality education. I knew I would thrive as a student at MSUM.

Annisa - Dragon Ambassador
Annisa (She/Her)

Business Administration emphasis in International Business
Spanish minor
Cold Springs, MN

The most memorable experience I have had here at MSUM was all of the welcome week events. Although it was awkward to branch out and talk to new people I found some of my closest friends at these events and I am so thankful to have them in my life.

Binfy (She/Her)

Film Studies
Broadcast Journalism minor
Lagos, Nigeria

I choose MSUM because I felt at home and the film program here is perfect for me.

Caitlyn (She/Her)

Elementary Education with a CAL endorsement
Monticello, MN

I am proud to be a Dragon because of the inclusiveness of campus and the great faculty.

Charmaine (She/Her)

Integrated Advertising & Public Relations
Napolen, ND

I am proud to be a dragon because of the culture we provide on campus. We are diverse with multiple areas and its nice to be apart of a community that cares.

Courtney (She/They)

Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Teaching English as a Foreign Language minor
Lakeville, MN

I am proud to be a Dragon because the campus and environment are inclusive, which it makes it easy to learn and grow.

Crystal - Dragon Ambassador
Crystal (She/They)

Teaching English as a Second Language & English Education
Princeton, MN

I am proud to be a dragon because MSUM is very full of life. There is a good sense of community. Every professor I've had was dedicated, supportive, and truly wants their students to succeed.

Dani - Dragon Ambassador

Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Moorhead, MN

I am proud to be a Dragon because of how inclusive the campus is! There is something on campus for everyone, which I think is so cool! My goal as an ambassador is to show others the enthusiasm and love that I have for MSUM, and hopefully spark those same things in everyone around me!

Garrett - Dragon Ambassador
Garrett (He/His)

Computer Science & Entertainment Industries and Technology with Audio Production Emphasis
Shakopee, MN

I am most proud to be a Dragon because it allows me to be part of the MSUM community which is one that I really adore and that is something that drives me to become more a part of it each year.

Grace - Dragon Ambassador
Grace (She/Her)

Social Work
Windom, MN


Hadlee - Dragon Ambassador
Hadlee (She/Her)

Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Alexandria, MN

I choose MSUM because I have so much fun, it has great class sizes, and the Fargo Moorhead area offers endless opportunities.

Jenna - Dragon Ambassador
Jenna (She/Her)

Elementary Inclusive Education
Mathematics minor
Brainerd, MN

I am proud to be a Dragon because it is a great education school and it has a deep history of teaching future teachers!

Jett (He/Him)

Biology minor
Somerset, WI

I'm proud to be a Dragon because of how inclusive and fun Dragons are. They really make you feel like you belong here and that you have a friend every corner you turn.

Jordan A. - Dragon Ambassador
Jordan A. (He/Him)

Broadcast Journalism
Jordan, MN

I'm proud to be a Dragon because MSUM offers a lot of opportunities in the classroom and within the workplace outside the classroom.

Jordan - Dragon Ambassador
Jordan M. (She/Her)

Elementary Inclusive Education
Chanhassen, MN

I am proud to be a Dragon because of how dedicated students are to their work, campus and faculty. They are such a passionate group and full of life and togetherness, and being a part of that is so special.

Kaitlin - Dragon Ambassador
Kaitlin (She/Her)

Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Special Education minor
West Fargo, ND

I am proud to be a Dragon because of the community staff and faculty create, and the lifelong opportunities that follow.

Kale - Dragon Ambassador
Kale (He/Him)

Political Science
Devils Lake, ND

I'm proud to be a Dragon because diversity is very important to me. I am hoping to help potential students feel a sense of home and feel like they belong at MSUM.

Mary (She/Her)

Art Education
Art Therapy & Studio Art minor
Mankato, MN

I choose MSUM because of the solid community we have. There's always a new face for me to meet, but there are many familiar faces as well. I love how small the campus feels and the sizes of classes.

Paighton - Dragon Ambassador
Paighton (She/Her)

Biology: Health & Medical Sciences
Public Health minor
Bismarck, ND

I think my most memorable event at MSUM experience is Welcome Week. The week is full of great events that are intended to both prepare and excite new students.

Sami - Dragon Ambassador
Sami (She/Her)

Pre-Law & Political Science
Sioux Falls, SD

I am proud to be a Dragon because MSUM creates a welcoming environment for all students. Constant inclusivity on campus allows for a positive and uplifting community on a daily basis.