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University Writing Support Center Consultants

The Writing Consultants: Please note that although each tutor has one or more specialty areas, each tutor is qualified to offer advice on any type of writing a student may bring.

  • Kate Bonnett:

Hello! My name is Kate Bonnett. I’m a junior majoring in Theatre with an acting emphasis and minoring in English. I'm also a student leader with MSUM Cru, and a part-time barista (because apparently I couldn't think of anything more cliche). Growing up I used to read the dictionary for fun, and I was always correcting other people's grammar... which made me a pretty annoying kid, but hopefully makes me a halfway decent tutor. Whether it's on the stage or on paper, I am a firm believer in the power of words, and I'm here to help you make yours the best they can be. 

  • Dillon Elstad:

Hi, my name is Dillon! I'm currently a junior who is studying English with a writing emphasis and is minoring in Film Production. I'm very passionate about literature and film, despite having my own grievances with the current direction each of these mediums have been going the past decade. While educated on formal English practices, my personal work excels when it comes to subjects that are heavily influenced by humor and satire. I care very deeply about writing and literature, and I hope to share that love wherever it may be needed.

  • Mary Gorman: 

Hello! I’m Mary, a senior at MSUM studying communication arts and literature education. I hope to be a teacher one day, so my time working with you is valuable experience to me. I like to draw, write, play video games, and hang out with my cat, Binky. You can check out my art on my Instagram, @mary_elaine_art. Come to me if you need help with organization/structure, MLA, or creative writing. We’ll get your paper hashed out, no sweat.

  • Gaetan Hartmann:

Howdy there. My name is Gaëtan (Gey-tan) Hartmann. I’m a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing and publishing while also getting my studio art minor. Hopefully all of this will allow me to work at a publishing firm and design books/book covers. Along with the writing center, I work as night supervisor at Livingston Lord Library. I enjoy writing poetry, doing photography, abstract painting, embroidering, and playing on my Nintendo Switch. If you need help with poetry or other creative writing, argumentative or persuasive essays, sentence structure, or even just guidance on developing your paper from step one, I’m here to help!

  • Clay Jackson, Head tutor:

My name is Clay Jackson. I am the head tutor at the UWSC. I am a senior at MSUM majoring in Communication Arts and Literature Education. I am a student-athlete Captain on the Track & Field team; I compete in the 110m Hurdles and the Long jump. I sit on the Gender Equity in Athletics Committee as a student representative and I am the community and volunteering leader for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. I enjoy reading, running, skateboarding, hanging out with my friends, and hip-hop. I especially enjoy reading informative, diverse, and unique texts. I can help you with any aspect of your paper, but I specialize in organization, MLA formatting, transition mechanics, brainstorming, analysis, and theses. I want students/clients to finish their appointment at the writing center feeling more confident in their writing then when they had arrived.

  • Natalie Mutschelknaus:

Hi! I’m Natalie, a junior at MSUM majoring in English with an emphasis in literature and minoring in Chinese, marketing, and music. I know it looks like a lot, but I really love what I study. Along with UWSC, I also work at the Target Starbucks in Moorhead, so I’d love to know your Starbucks order. You can also find me walking dogs for Homeward Animal Shelter in my spare time. I like baking, playing piano, reading, and talking to my parents on the phone. I’d love to help you out with any aspect of your paper! 

  • Ruth Langford:

Hello! My name is Ruth Langford, and I am majoring in Communication Arts and Literature Education here at MSUM. I am hoping to be an English teacher so helping you with your paper is an extremely valuable experience for me! I enjoy many kinds of literature and writing but creative writing, science fiction, and poetry are some of my favorites. In my free time I love to read, hang out with friends, volunteer, travel, and go hiking. I love coffee, and I work as a barista part time. If you need some assistance with any part of your essay, I would love to help!  

  • Andrew O. Reed:

Hello. My name is Andrew Reed and I am a senior majoring in Integrated English and Publishing. I currently also copy edit the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism which has its home right here at MSUM. Both that position and the one here at the UWSC have been great experiences for a future job in the publishing world. The Journal uses Chicago Style, so I am quite familiar with it even if that may not come up all that often for student writing. Aside from that, I write poetry and love cats.

  • Garrett Whitmore:

Hello, my name is Garrett Whitmore. I am an English education major here at MSUM. I’m into a bunch of stuff—cool stuff, slick stuff, neat stuff. Chances are I’m into what you’re into. I read a bunch of stories, I write a bunch of stories, and I’ll help you write yours.