Social Work Provisional Admission

The School of Social Work (SSW) now processes all admission materials exclusively through Tk20. To apply, each applicant must establish her/his Tk20 account BEFORE she/he can access the required Tk20 application form. Students who do not meet admission requirements may apply for Provisional Admission (PA) BEFORE joining Tk20. Here provisional applicants must work with their academic SSW advisor to develop a strategy for meeting all admission requirements, than may proceed to purchasing their Tk20 membership and formally applying to SSW.

Instructional Videos

Creating & Accessing your TK20 Account Applying using TK20

Special Note:

  • This plan must be pre-approved prior to purchasing a Tk20 membership.
  • Provisional Admission is not guaranteed.
  • Tk20 membership fees are not refundable.

Required Steps in seeking Tk20 Provisional Admission

To be considered for Provisional Admission, the applicant must complete the following steps:

  1. Develop a clear understanding of why she/he is not eligible for full admission;
  2. Meet with her/his SW advisor to develop an plan to meet all admission requirements;
  3. Reach an agreement with her/his advisor that the action plan is suitable for PA;
  4. The advisor will present the PA action plan to the SSW faculty;
  5. Faculty approval results in the granting of PA request;
  6. Then only after the PA is approved can the student open her/his Tk20 account and proceed through the admission process;
  7. The faculty advisor will monitor student progress during term advising;
  8. And when warranted, the advisor will change the Tk20 admission status from PA to “Accepted”.

If the faculty does not approve your PA request, then please do not open your Tk20 account since you will not be refunded your Tk20 membership fee (Tk20 policy).

Should you have any questions about Tk20, PA, or your specific situation, please do not hesitate to consult your advisor BEFORE joining Tk20 and commencing the SSW application process.