Physics Courses & Curriculum

The BS in Physics degree prepares you for careers in research and development, science, engineering, education, medicine, law, business and the military. You will be well grounded in foundational physics, quantitative reasoning, modeling, instrumentation and programming skills. You can build upon that knowledge by narrowing your focus for further study in one of three emphases.

The Astrophysics emphasis equips you to work with large data sets. Possible careers using these skills include GIS, remote sensing and medical image processing, in addition to graduate work in astrophysics. You will take advanced astrophysics courses in both observational techniques and theory, which includes extensive use of computational methods.

If you’re interested in using your technical background in an entrepreneurial setting, the Business emphasis might be for you. Possible careers include product development, technical sales and business ownership. This emphasis requires higher level business courses, including the Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Paseka School of Business.

The Medical Physics emphasis is an excellent choice if you are interested in the application of physics concepts and methods to the treatment and diagnosis of human disease. Medical Physics prepares you for graduate work and careers in radiation oncology, applied medical physics and medical imaging quality control. In addition to the core physics courses, you’ll take more chemistry and biology courses as well as specialized electives.

Degree Options