Photojournalism Learning Opportunities

Explore your interests outside of the classroom. Join a student organization. Collaborate with community organizations. Showcase your work in award-winning publications. We’re committed to providing you the best hands-on opportunities to enhance your education while at MSUM.

The Broadcast Documentary class at MSUM produces a 30-minute documentary each year for Prairie Public Television. Whether you’re interested in researching, writing, reporting, photographing, editing, narrating or producing, there’s a place for you to put your skills to use. The 2017 documentary is titled Crafted: A Romance with Beer. See also Inspired by Nature, winner of several regional awards and a national award for best student television documentary.

Campus News is a collaborative learning project where faculty and industry professionals mentor you to produce a weekly television program that airs on Prairie Public Television. MSUM’s Campus News is broadcast into the homes of more than a million people via Prairie Public Television. The 30-minute newscast includes local, regional and national stories, and is written, reported, photographed, edited, anchored and produced by students like you.

The Marcil Center for Innovative Journalism, housed in the School of Communication and Journalism, gives students the opportunity for scholarships, apprenticeships and enrichment programs, including conferences and professional collaboration.

The Photo Documentary class strives to document significant and important events in our lives. You will have the opportunity to photograph some aspect of life and all of its manifestations for the entire semester and produce a book or online publication showcasing your work.

The Advocate is the official award-winning student newspaper of MSUM. The Advocate is written and produced by students, for students. Whether you’re interested in writing, copy editing, photography or design, there’s a place for you to practice your skills with The Advocate.