MANE BSN Admitted Student Requirements

Upon admission to the MANE BSN program, new students will receive information about required documentation of immunizations and other screenings, CPR, background checks, etc., prior to program start.

Frequently Ask Questions about the MANE BSN Program

The MANE BS in Nursing student handbook is your guide to the program processes and your success. Students are accountable for familiarizing themselves with that latest Handbook version contents and for compliance with the policies and procedures within the Handbook.

To comply with Minnesota, federal, and agency requirements for MSUM’s MANE BS in Nursing students must verify all program requirements before program start and during enrollment in the program. Thereafter, some requirements will need re-verification, depending on how long your program of study lasts. Also, some agencies may add requirements beyond what are currently required; in such case students would need to comply with the added clinical site requirement(s).

WHERE to Upload Required Verifications
Students in the MANE BSN program are required to submit (or complete) all verifications to an electronic repository, Passport, students are required to establish an account which provides a secure location to upload, track, monitor, and house all program verifications. Once admitted to the nursing program, students will be sent an email with login information to set up their Passport account. Details and information regarding each verification are included within the Passport system. To remain program compliant, it is absolutely the student’s responsibility to remain current with verifications listed below. Students who are non-compliant face risk of program dismissal.

Liability Insurance
The University (through MnSCU) provides liability insurance for nursing students (and faculty members) only for when students/faculty function as students/faculty. Students are not covered by this liability insurance while practicing for pay, during personal volunteer work, or during any engagements other than in student role. MANE Nursing students are encouraged to carry their own personal professional liability policies as practicing clinicians. Reasonable insurance rates may be obtained from insurance companies, e.g., the Nursing Service Organization (NSO), Mercer (through the ANA) and others.

Criminal Background Checks
National and State criminal background checks are required by the program (see Passport). A student who is disqualified from having patient contact based on results of a background check will be delayed in academic progression until qualified to provide direct care or the student will be ineligible for a degree in this program. Please upload these background forms immediately to Passport to ensure compliance.

MANE BS in Nursing students are REQUIRED to attend the on-site orientation. Please know that orientation is typically within a week before or during the new semester start.

This program exclusively uses the online environment in this educational experience. Therefore, it is important for students to utilize appropriate hardware and software to be successful. MSUM’s Information Technology department will help ensure that your equipment will serve your needs. Please contact Information Technology for any questions.

Refer to the Tools4School Hardware page for the suggested minimum technology requirements for the BS in Nursing Program.


  • MSUM offers free and discounted software for current students. Refer to the course syllabus for specific software that you may be required to use during your class. Note: MSUM students have free access to Office 365, which contains versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Use the System Check link to check whether your computer is configured to use D2L Brightspace.
  • See the Tools4School Hardware page for recommendations when purchasing a new computer for school.
  • Purchases of a computer for educational purposes can be applied to your financial aid and might be tax deductible.
  • Students are responsible for the maintenance of their personal computer.

The MSUM Student Handbook provides general guidance and direction and is not intended to cover every conceivable situation. The information about University policies outlines the rights, responsibilities, and privileges enjoyed by the students, faculty, and staff that make up the University community.