Learning Opportunities for Mathematics Education

Experiential learning is a significant aspect of the Mathematics Education program at MSU Moorhead. Through exploration of local classrooms, tutoring, social gatherings and more, you’ll uncover countless abilities and opportunities.

MSUM's Field Experience is committed to providing exceptional early and ongoing field experiences in education for teacher candidates. We collaborate with school partners in planning, implementing, and assessing each experience. Teacher candidates will have opportunities for a wide array of experiences by the time they have completed their education programs.

As part of Math Club, you’ll discover just how much fun math can be. Math Club provides a social venue for you to discuss, learn and teach math at biweekly meetings, social gatherings and community activities. You’ll also hear from guest speakers, including professors who discuss their research interests and alumni working in the industry, teaching or attending graduate school.

Find us at MSUM Math Club

Explore new mathematics concepts and ideas from industry professionals at the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Spring Conference. Each year, professors take students to this conference as a resource for improving skills in mathematics instruction.

  • The Mathematics Learning Center provides free one-on-one tutoring on a drop-in basis in MacLean 278 for students in lower-level math classes. As a Mathematics Education major, you’ll have the opportunity to work with your peers outside of the classroom in the Mathematics Learning Center as a tutor.
  • The Tutor Room gives you the opportunity to become a tutor in the MacLean 383 Mathematics Tutor Room or seek assistance from your peers when you need it.