Geosciences Courses & Curriculum

The BS degree in Geosciences provides a strong foundation in the study of the Earth, and as you progress through the program, you will narrow your focus to one of three emphases, depending on your career interest.

Geology examines how the the Earth works in today’s environment and what has happened in Earth's ancient past. This track focuses heavily on the environment and its processes, and the formation and extraction of natural resources of the Earth.

Geoarchaeology uses geological, chemical, biological and physical methods to understand the relationships between past human cultures and their environments. This track explores the geological, chemical, biological and physical methods for interpreting artifacts, sediments and environments important in understanding our human past. 

Geographical Science considers the relationship among place, people and environment. If you choose this track, you will learn more about the distribution of climate, cultures and landscapes on Earth, the reason for these distributions and the way they interact and effect humans and our cultures.

The flexibility and concentration of the major provides a great option to double major or minor in another field while still completing the degree in four years.

Degree Options