Peace Officer Education Program Cultural Competency & Diversity Learning Outcomes

Cultural competency and diversity learning outcomes for the Peace Officer Education program at MSUM.

At the completion of your Peace Officer Education at MSUM, you will:

  • Become familiar with theories of race, ethnicity, class, and gender.
  • Understand structures of domination and subordination.
  • Understand the role of the police as first line responders to marginal and vulnerable populations.
  • Understand the nature and significance of interpersonal and institutional prejudice and discrimination.
  • Understand how race, ethnicity, gender, and social class influence our perceptions of criminality.
  • Assess the value of contemporary criminal justice agency responses to homelessness, mental illness, autism, post-traumatic problems, and suicide.
  • Understand homeless outreach, crisis response, status offenses, policing and mental illness, policing and autism, and de-escalation.
  • Examine social behavior across a wide variety of historical periods and cultures.
  • Understand how class, race, and other paramaters of diversity such as gender, age, and ethnic heritage are connected with deviance and social control.
  • Discuss key developments in police training that are influenced by social science research.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of trends in policing and the political forces related to trends.
  • Be able to critically analyze the policing different populations in the US.