Speech-Language Pathology Post-Baccalaureate Program

Have you already completed your undergraduate degree? Are you now interested in a career in speech-language pathology? If so, check us out!

We welcome post-baccalaureate students at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM)! If you are seeking the necessary undergraduate background in speech-language pathology in order to prepare for graduate study, you will enroll as an undergraduate transfer student for one year. During your postbacc sequence, you will apply for graduate school. If accepted, you and the other admitted students will have the option to begin clinical experience in the summer or begin with the full cohort in the fall. Students typically complete the graduate program in five semesters, starting in the fall.

Our suggested two semester sequence (one year program) of study is below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Suggested 2 Semester Sequence of Study
2022-2023 Sample Schedule (subject to change)

The tentative sequence of study included below is designed for students preparing for graduate school in speech-language pathology (SLP) who do not have an undergraduate degree in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences or Communication Disorders. This set of courses is consistent with what is recommended by many other SLP graduate programs.

Year 1: Fall Semester

SLHS 150 Observation
SLHS 204 Language Development
SLHS 320 Hearing/Vest Disorder
SLHS 322 Language Disorders
SLHS 402 Neuroanatomy/Physiology
SLHS 427 AAC & Literacy
Total Credits:

Year 1: Spring Semester
*Apply for Graduate School by Jan 15

SLHS 201 Linguistic Phonetics
SLHS 202 Anatomy of Speech/Hearing
SLHS 321 Speech Sound Disorders
SLHS 343 Clinical Procedures
SLHS 421 Speech & Voice Science
SLHS 473 Rehabilitation Audiology**
Total Credits:

**SLHS 473 Rehabilitation Audiology (4cr) is also a recommended course but will not available in Spring 2023. There may be an option to take in the Summer of 2023, otherwise you would arrange take it during graduate school (SLHS 573 at MSUM)

Please note: Post-Baccalaureate (Post-bacc) students do not complete clinical practicum unless accepted into our graduate program.  A clinical practicum experience may be required as early as summer immediately following admission.  Post-baccs should review their undergraduate coursework to determine if they have met ASHA basic science requirements by completing a course in human biology, a course in chemistry or physics, a Statistics course and a course in social or behavioral sciences.

Acceptance into graduate school for speech-language pathology is competitive. Those considering a post-baccalaureate sequence of study should carefully compare their previous academic performance with that of accepted students at the schools you are interested in attending. Information on MSUM and other accredited graduate programs can be found at the website for the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association or more directly using the “Ed Find” link.

Program Coordinator

Elaine Pyle, Ph.D., MS/CCC-SLP (She/Her/Hers)
Associate Professor | Department Chair
Speech Language Hearing Sciences
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