School Psychology Program

Status Update 2020

The MSU Moorhead School Psychology Program is not accepting applications for Fall 2021. However, our program is not closed. We anticipate being able to accept applications again in mid to late 2021 for students enrolling in Fall 2022, or perhaps earlier.

We are suspending applications while we make some changes to the program to improve the options we can offer to our students. We will be adding more options for distance or hybrid/HyFlex learning and updating our curriculum as part of those changes. We continue to be a NASPApproved (National Association of School Psychologists) program, and we remain committed to high quality training.

Options if you are interested in our School Psychology program, but can’t apply yet—

  1. If you do not want to wait until MSU Moorhead begins accepting applications again to start your training in School Psychology, we would be happy to recommend other programs to which you can apply. There also is a list of programs on the National Association of School Psychologists website (search for Graduate Programs).
  2. To strengthen your preparation for our program and your future application materials, consider some of the following activities during this “gap” time when we aren’t accepting applications.
    • Complete the 12 credits in Psychology needed to apply including credits in statistics and developmental psychology, or add to your course foundations (call us for suggestions).
    • Add to your “real-world” experience--any kind of human services related experience, especially experience where you are working with children, families, people with disabilities, etc. Some examples include:
      • Reading Corps (PreK or K-3) or Math Corps (gr 4-8) through AmeriCorps programs offered in Minnesota, North Dakota and many other states. You serve the community, get great training, work with kids and schools, and earn a stipend, benefits and an education award for paying student loans.
      • Paraprofessional, substitute teacher, or bus driver in a school district.
      • Human services positions working in agencies, group homes, child care centers, etc.
      • Coaching or lessons such as athletic coaching, swimming lessons, music lessons.

If you have any questions or want to receive updates about the MSUM School Psychology program and when applications will be accepted, contact us.