MS in Counseling with Addiction Counseling Emphasis

The MSUM Counseling program prepares graduate students for careers and leadership positions in education, mental health and human service professions. The essence of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Addiction Counseling and School Counseling professions is the ability to relate to clients and students in ways that are helpful which facilitates personal and professional growth. The Addiction Counseling emphasis prepares students to meet the growing need in the community for highly trained counselors to work with an increasing population of individuals struggling with addiction in various work settings. The Addiction counseling emphasis courses are offered face-to-face and some online may be available or required. The emphasis in Addiction counseling will also provide an avenue for Addiction Counseling Certificate students to complete their Master’s degree in the MSUM Counseling program.

The core must be completed by all students majoring in any of the Counseling emphasis areas: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Addiction Counseling, or School Counseling. A total of 60 (54 for School Counseling) credits is needed for the degree.

Addiction counseling licensure requirements vary by state, as do the exams required. Exam information:

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